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Are your receptacles damaged or Do you have faulty switches? Are you redesigning your house and need upgrades ? 

If so, NEEDELECTRICIANS will replace and redesign the electrical outlets

Aside from receptacles being practical and necessary in your living space, adding more receptacles can eliminate the overuse  and overloading of power boards, it also makes your living more comfortable and convenient

Our electricians can replace faulty switches, relocate existing switches and install new switches. Switches designed and installed in the right locations add convenience and comfort to any room.

We also provide installation of ​Safety Switches that monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit. It detects a problem as soon as the current leaves the circuit, and turns the power off within 0.03 of a second. 




Replace a standard switch with a dimmer to create a warm environment and save money. A dimmer used at a lower light setting can provide enough energy savings to pay for itself over time.

Dimmers come in two basic wiring configurations:

  • standard single-pole dimmers
  • three-way dimmers

With a standard single pole dimmer, a single switch controls a light.

With a three-way dimmer, you can control a light with two switches. We can install for you one three-way dimmer and one three-way switch, so you can dim from one location and turn the lights on and off from another.​

Any other combination will be discussed and planned accordingly by our electricians before installation.

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