The process

Preparing the House Involves:

Running the cables from the service panel into the crawl space, removing the section of wallboard under the panel, from the bottom of the panel and the floor-line, and drill  down holes through the wall's sill plate for each cable to be installed.

Marking the Holes Involves:

Labelling each wire indicating what cable is to be installed through the holes and respective outlets, switches or receptacles.

​Running the Cables:

The National Electric Code and local building codes require certain distances of  the nearest edge of all holes back from the nearest edge of the floor joists. Also, cable that is along the face of the joists must be secured with staples at required intervals as per NEC regulations. 

Our Certified Electricians will assure a high quality job that respect all safety and regulations procedures.

WORK Permits 

The second step is securing thework permit.

We know how important it is because working  without a permit, could result in a cumulative fine for every day the work went on without one.

You will have the peace of mind and we will do that for you.

Electrical wires, Rewires


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We promise that the end-user will enjoy SAVINGS, so we begin and deliver the project with

that promise in mind.

Tests and inspections

We will conduct many tests if required during the process, and at least two inspections performed before the power can be turned back on and a finished inspection when the project is complete.

accurate estimate and planning

We will begin every project with a plan by showing you where the various switches and receptacles will be located in the rooms.

Knowing the fact that cable is expensive, we will take the shortest route possible from the service panel to the first receptacle or switch on each branch circuit.

Taking the shortest route saves you money and time.