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Transfer Switches

Main breaker panels

Main lug panels



If you need any of the electricals below or your home needs more power overall, our professional electricians will upgrade the power, a process that will include a new electrical panel as well as other accessories, as needed.

Reasons for replacing the electrical panel or adding

a sub-panel may be the following:

  • The capacity of your existing breaker panel does not meet the coming current and your house needs more power overall.
  • You want to upgrade from fuses to circuit breakers. It’s important to note that a new breaker panel will not provide more power for your home. 
  • Readjusting energy distribution to better handle your typical usage patterns

  • You may have a permanent back-up power generator that uses an alternative power source. The generator can be wired directly to the household breaker panel, providing a seamless switch from utility service to back-up power when the electricity goes out.

Electrical Pannel