Why LED  lighting?

  • The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) plays a unique role in Ontario’s electricity sector by providing incentives and rebates on LED electricity.That means more SAVINGS for you.

  • LED uses 80 % less energy and lasts much longer than traditional bulbs. That means Double the Savings​

  •  LED create less heat and are green energy so they are environmentally friendly.


Low voltage outdoor lighting can be used in a landscape to provide safety, security, accent, and character. The specific design of a lighting system will be influenced by a variety of things, including the site characteristics, the scope of the landscape, its function, and the homeowner's desires.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

  • ​​Up lights not only highlight features from the outside, but they also provide for an extension of the interior living spaces at night.

  • ​Path lights these lights are designed along sidewalks, driveways, or informal paths in the landscape to safely lead a person toward desired direction.

  • Down lights and Back lights are designed especially for artistic effect, to imitate a natural light or to create a striking effect of an object.

  • Security lights are best when installed outdoors and pointing towards pathways and gates.​ Sensor lights are the most common used for the security purposes as they detect movements and alert you from any suspicious action.

LED lighting

outdoor  lighting

Experienced, licensed electricians will assure the installation of the most stylish lighting fixtures including striking lamps, chandeliers, ceiling fans and other contemporary indoor lighting. We will guarantee to make any room in your house stand apart with creative and functional lighting. 

Installing outdoor lighting to your patio or deck with motion detector securitylights, or solar lights to your walkway or garden will be easy and convenient. 

Not to forget that we are trained to design and install as state-of-the-art illumination including CFL bulbs and LED light fixtures.

Landscape lighting and LED lights are a unique way to add ambiance to your yard or deck. In addition, they are great in saving energy and money!

Decorative lighting

Designing and Installing Lights

Make your house stand out and unique 

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Whatever lighting style you desire , we will make it happen with a variety of prices to fit any budget! 

From those just starting out with simple lighting needs to those with decorative and luxury lighting needs, Need Electricians is the Number ONE company to accomplish the most complex lighting designs and installations.

We leverage our company's long-standing business relationships with our vendors and partners to source high-quality lighting fixtures at the best possible rates, uniquely delivering and installing with high style and reasonable prices.

If you have all the desired fixtures, that's ok with us too!

We will install and make your house your dream house, just the way you imagined it.