NeedElectricians has  an extensive selection of lighting for every type of commercial application. 

We provide solutions for hotel/hospitality, retail store/restaurant, and office building lighting, ceiling lights, and outdoor lighting such as spot lights and pathway lighting.

We can install single room light control or total light management  as per your business and environment needs.

Installing single room light control integrated with sensors will increase your energy savings and create the desired lighting.

Are you looking to light up your office, retail, restaurant or any other business property with a professional look and have the quality of commercial lighting?

The light fixtures will give their full light capacity with a desired pattern only if exact design, planning and installation has been done.

In most office buildings, lighting accounts for more than 40 % of annual electricity use. 

The costs are even higher in specialized settings such as healthcare facilities  and hotels.

Our top priority is not only to create a perfect and well lit environment, but also to bring SAVINGS to your business by creating energy-efficient workplaces.

Commercial Lighting

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